Gainsville is one of the leading home furniture stores in Melbourne and prides itself on providing the highest quality Australian and International Designer furniture. Here at Gainsville, our goal is to create a seamless expression of class and good taste where decor, architecture knowledge and fashionable living meet and merge. Our discerning clients know that beautiful furniture complements their stylish homes, gives them a safe haven and provides peace and comfort from all the stress that life brings.

We not only design our furniture, but we also produce it in our own Gainsville Factory. So often, production is passed on to the cheapest factory at any given time. Cheaper manufacturing is not better value. We know every aspect of what goes into our products. This means safer materials, better quality materials and precision workmanship. All the efforts behind the scenes truly do create a product you'll love owning.



Gainsville Difference

Individual 4 Bay Slat System, 4 Times stronger, 52 slats Base System, Less gap more support.

3 Central Support Beams allow for three support legs where the weight is you, your partner and the middle of your mattress. Better support translates to better sleep.

Quality Structure Hardwood Frame, solid metal brackets and over 30+ years of development go into each bed. All contribute to the most stable squeak free quality sleeping experience.

5 Year Quality Warranty on bed frame and slats against manufacturing defect.