Milano & Design

M&D Milano & Design, is a division of a company with long history established in Italy over 60 years ago. We own and operate our own design and product development center in Milan, Italy.

With the development of our business, we have expanded into several countries around the world. In 2003, we established our manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China. Despite offshoring production, M&D is still run by the same experienced Italian management. The Italian technical team overseeing production on-site are all well-trained with years of experience in home and professional leather sofa manufacturing.

New designs and products are created very frequently throughout the year. There are no doubts that our designs are full of creativity, and the raw materials used are carefully chosen to be the best for each application. Made with only premium materials and superior craftsmanship, M&D is still able to offer the most competitive prices. You will experience the stunning Italian quality from not only the materials used but also the design and craftsmanship of your sofa. With the help of veteran artisans, advanced technology & financial strength, M&D Milano Design is certainly deemed to be a highly competitive brand.

Our team of Italian technicians supervises each stage of the production We have an Italian technician team supervising each production process.